That’s A Match

I decided some time ago that I would try and find myself a date, so I signed up with a couple of dating sites. Plenty of Fish, AYI (Are You Interested – now called First Met), Muddy Matches, Tinder and Match. I wait for offers before paying as they tend to be a little on the expensive side.

After a while, I dropped off Muddy Matches as it was aimed more towards farmers and country people. Then I left POF (Plenty of Fish) as I wasn’t getting any answers from people.

Tinder, I am not sure of. I have used it a couple of times, but not contacted anyone or tried to contact anyone. That s still an app just sitting on my phone.

AYI (First Met) had an offer of 85% off for six months, so I went for that. Then Match had an offer where you could pay for six months over a three month period rather than paying all in one go, so I went for that, paying £39 a month totalling £120.

First Met charged something like £12 and that’s all you pay. Match took my details I was away. I contacted a couple of people, but found that they couldn’t reply as they weren’t paid members, so I upgraded my account at a cost of £7 a month payable monthly so that anyone could contact me.

My first payment came out at £39 as I expected, and I was quite happy. Second payment and it was higher than the first. It was £57. I looked over and checked numbers, and figured it was adding in the payments of the first two months connect upgrade. Then the third payment came out at £107. Needless to say I was slightly irked. I sent them an email which they claim they respond to in 24 hours. 48 hours later I started looking on their site for a phone number, but there wasn’t one.

It was suggested I search the internet for “ complaints”. I found some and one of them gave the phone number. I phoned them and put across that they had taken too much money. They were supposed to take the money monthly, but they took it all in one lump. Her response was “Yes we did. Because it was your last payment on your monthly subscription, we took the remainder of the connect subscription at the same time.” When I asked her why they had done that as I was supposed to be paying that monthly, she responded with “It’s what we do.” You set to pay something monthly, and they will take it however they see fit, she admitted that to me. In a recorded call.

The company has refused to give me the money back, saying that the only way they can do that is if I cancel within the first 48 hours, but of course in the first 48 hours, they do things properly so you have no idea what they are about to do. They refuse to put you through to supervisors claiming that they are on other calls.

When I told them I was going to take them to court for it, the woman just said “Do it then.”

My sister did say that on the plus side, I don’t have to pay for anything for the remainder of the period, but that’s besides the point. I couldn’t afford to pay in one lump.

So if you want to sign up to a dating agency, I would suggest you avoid completely.

The worse part is that people I have contacted, haven’t spoken back anyway, so it has been a huge waste of money. Well, one did, but then stopped talking mid conversation.

I have learned a huge costly lesson from this, and I want others to not make the same mistake. Don’t pay to on match.

17 thoughts on “That’s A Match

  1. I tried but canceled it very quickly. Coincidentally, right after I signed up, I started to receive A LOT of spam emails. Of course, I didn’t cancel soon enough and they wouldn’t refund me. I didn’t really like the site anyway.

    • I made the mistake of thinking the offer was a good one. I am surprised with how calm I remained whilst talking to the woman. I did mention to her that I was trying my best to be polite lol.

      I am about ready to give up on all the sites now.

  2. I think those sites just prey upon people’s sensibilities. I’ve known some people who’ve met others on dating sites. They might as well have picked a phone number off the wall of a public restroom. I hope you get your money back, Alastair, or at least get some kind of resolution.

  3. That is really bad. I only went for the free ones. There is freedating which is free too. It is horrendous how they make money out of people, and don’t even care, thanks for the warning. Hope people take notice. Hope you are ok , haven’t heard much from you! Do take care. Hugs Ute

  4. Oh Al… I’m so sorry that happened to you. Stepping out there to begin with is a challenge for anyone, but then to have it screw you over is wrong. I know people who have had good luck with eHarmony, but not Maybe you can challenge it on your credit card??

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