Sunday Photo Fiction -A Moment Frozen In Time

Every week a photo is used as a prompt to create a story in around 200 words. As it is short, it is sometimes referred to as “Flash Fiction”. If you want to have a go, then head over to the page HERE, and if you want to read the stories others have written, then take a wander over HERE.

153 04 April 24th 2016

Winston leant against the window, cupping his hands above his eyes so he could see in without the light casting reflections. Nothing stirred inside; no person, animal or even a particle of dust. The display was called “Frozen in Time” and, according to the brochure, the whole building stood outside of time claiming to be “between seconds, or breaths, or both.”

A man stood in the corner leaning on broom; a cat about to leap through the air; a woman looking over her shoulder as she starts to remove her blouse; a Tyrannosaurus Rex lunging for an Edmontosaurus; a woman pointing a gun at a melon. He shook his head and walked away.


Bart looked in the window and smiled at the Frozen in Time diorama wondering how they managed to keep things steady. A man in the corner brushed dust from the floor; a cat leaping through the air; a woman allowing her blouse drop to the floor; a Tyrannosaurus Rex chewing on an Edmontosaurus; a bullet about to hit a melon. He smiled and walked away.


Sierra looked in the window, and stepped back, feeling uncomfortable as everything seemed to be looking straight at her.

15 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction -A Moment Frozen In Time

  1. Reminds me of the joke of having two men in a room and three opinions….
    (well that was the first thing I thought of.)

    I liked how they each saw something different. And I wonder if the folks and beings held captive knew they were being ‘watched’ – well maybe by that last gal!

    • It’s interesting how everyone sees something different in this story. Not only the people IN the story, but also everyone who has read it.

  2. Oh this is wickedly brilliant! I LOVE it! You have totally and SOOOO Subtly carried this off Al – awesome!

    (sorry, I’m not shouting, yelling, it’s that I’m too excited – wayyyyy coool piece!) you are a mastermind borderline genius personality 😀

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