Sunday Photo Fiction -A Stroll Through The Park

Every week a photo is used as a prompt to create a story or a poem in around  words. It may seem easy, but sometimes when you are caught up, the word count goes way over so reducing it to  words, looking what words to remove, can be difficult. If you want to see if you can do it, then head over to


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169 08 August 21st 2016

She did not look innocent. The way she walked, the way she moved, seemingly gliding rather than walking. Her hair ruffled lightly in the wind. The trees bowing to her as the wind blew them. The streetlight lit up her platinum blonde hair, making it look almost metallic.

She carried herself with confidence and fearlessness. Her arms hung by her sides, fingers barely past the very short skirt she wore.  The boots, with their six-inch heels, covered her legs and knees with laces up the front, a zip up the back and seven buckles on the inner side.

Her top, cropped to show her mid-section and the bullet shell casing as a naval piece on show. The black top with the words “vida ad mortem”* in silver, sat with the bottom of her breasts showing underneath.

Walking along the path at just after midnight would have scared most people, but she seemed unperturbed. She knew what the risks coming down here. In fact, she welcomed them.

Her ear twitched at the rustle in the bushes beside her, and the rapist that plagued the park stepped out grinning manically. His grin vanished when he realised HE was the prey this time …

*  Vida ad mortem – Life To Death

9 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction -A Stroll Through The Park

  1. I love this take Al. You think the girl is the one putting herself in danger by dressing in such away and walking in the park at night with a rapist about. Turns out she can take care of herself and ends the rapists spree. Great woman. Maybe a cop. Or the justice of the citizen herself. Great write.

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