Friday Fictioneers -Sewing The Seeds Of The Past

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I run my fingers across the sewing machine display, a centuries old museum piece. To me, it is more than that. To me it is something special, something unique. I stop with my finger on the needle, long blunted by overuse and not even able to penetrate paper.

I feel the spiritual vibration and close my eyes. I search through the blurred images, trying to focus on one. I find one and concentrate, looking for hair colour, skin colour, clothing colour. A woman steps forth and becomes corporeal. The crowd applauds my magic. If only they knew the truth …

60 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers -Sewing The Seeds Of The Past

  1. Great take on this Al. Bringing a past spirit of a woman who used this sewing machine back to life (to some degree?). I hope this isn’t dark magic, simply a small trick. Nice write!

  2. As already said, very intriguing. I like the idea that inanimate objects absorb some of the essence of those that have used them. There’s also an idea that walls absorb and record sounds and if we could work out a way to listen to them back, we could hear what has been said in the past and get a greater understanding of it.

    • Thanks Michael. That’s what some people say that ghosts are – recordings that have attached themselves to things – walls, houses, sewing machines, etc. It’s one that some parapsychologists are willing to entertain as well.

  3. And what is the truth? So intriguing. I love the idea of this psychic bringing forward of someone from the past–and the crowd probably assumes this is an illusion, but it seems real…is that the truth? Feel free not to say! Good one!

    • Thanks Emily. I have no idea what the truth is. I may write a short story saying what the truth is if I can get him to tell me πŸ™‚

    • There are some “mediums” who say they can contact those passed on through objects. I have seen someone do it, but I remain unconvinced.

  4. I love this – that the narrator is conjuring a person from an object – what a great idea! And I also love the intrigue at the end, that it could be a trick or something terrible.

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