Friday Fictioneers – Intruders?

Every week Rochelle offers up a photo that has graciously been donated so we can get our creative juices flowing and write a story in 100 words or less using the photo as a prompt. I managed to do a 101 word first draft which resulted in just a quick alteration.

It is a good exercise to write within the boundaries rather than going over as it gives you a chance to practice editing skills and still retain the story.

If you want to have a go, then click on the Friday Fictioneers image, and if you want to read what others have written, then click on the blue frog.


The stairs led upstairs, and Barrows quietly crept up trying his hardest not to breathe, not to make a sound. He heard movement, and stopped lest he be heard. He knew the wall lights would give him away if anyone looked that way. He hoped no one would.

As he reached the top, he made sure to avoid the second from top stair, as he knew it to creak on occasion. He made it to the landing and stopped to listen again. The sound still came and he crept very gently forward. He slammed open the door yelling “SLEEP! NOW!”

31 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Intruders?

  1. Hhaha- good one! I remember having to quite literally ‘terrorize’ my little one into sleeping! Feel quite sorry for him now – though i wouldnt admit it to him 😀

  2. Cute story. Kids not sleeping when they should, pretty expected lol. I remember when the Simpsins first started and would be on on Sunday nights, my brothers and I would sneak out to the hallway and watch it from there. Our parents caught us a time or two. As for the other times I hope we were to quite to notice, or maybe they knew and decide to let us watch most times.

    • Thanks Rochelle. I only had two. One is still in her teens, but my son is out of them now. I used to read them stories when they went to bed. There was the Thomas the Tank Engine ones, Henrietta Hedgehog, Old Bear Stories and there was a set of three stories which eludes me what it was called but one of the stories was about toys that came to life and one day the king and queen of all mice came to visit the clockwork mouse. It was a beautiful story that my daughter wanted to hear regularly.

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