Sunday Photo Fiction -Day of the Daffodils

Every week, we have a photo as a prompt to write a story or a poem in around 200 words with that photo somewhere in it.

I found it hard to think of a good story this week, so you will have to put up with this meagre effort.

If you want to have go, click on the Sunday Photo Fiction logo, or if you want to read some better stories, then click on the frog icon.



‘You’ve seen Day of the Triffids haven’t you?’ Michael asked his friend, Andrew.

‘Hasn’t everybody? Did you watch the original from all those years ago?’ Andrew replied.

‘Oh that was hilarious. It was terrifying at the time. Although I think of it whenever I see a sign that says “Heavy Plant Crossing”’ Michael laughed, still looking out the window.

‘Why do you ask?’ Andrew enquired, walking over to the window to see what held his friend’s attention.

‘Oh, no reason.’ Michael paused before continuing. ‘Well, those daffodils made me think of them. Can you imagine the trouble the world would be in if it was “Day of the Daffodils”?’


As night fell, an unpredicted meteor shower rained across the country with so many coming down, they lit up the night sky.

‘You and your mouth!’ Andrew chided Michael. ‘Everyone is going to wake up blind tomorrow and the Daffodils are going to take over the world.’


Next morning, Andrew opened his eyes and saw only darkness. Fear engulfed him until he heard a laughing snort and Michael removed the cover from Andrew’s face.  As he rose from his bed, Andrew gestured to Michael and looked out the window …

26 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction -Day of the Daffodils

    • Thanks Patricia 🙂 I have had difficulty thinking of a decent story in the last couple of weeks so I have just let it go where it wants to and publish whatever drivel turns up lol.

  1. Fun story! Why not have A Day Of Dafodills? There’s a Day for a lot of things. They are very hardy too…I accidentally mowed my mother’s daffodils down one year and they grew back more beautiful than they were before.

  2. LOL, Day of the Daffodils – well, as long as they stay the same size, it wouldn’t be nearly as bad as the Triffids, right? RIGHT? AAAIIIIEEEE!

    Although maybe they could do what they did in my story, and reveal that their innocent daffodil appearance is merely a ruse, and they are actually, well, triffids.

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