Sunday Photo Fiction – Lovers

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Darren sat staring out the window, thinking about his husband. They married the day after the law changed allowing same-sex marriage, and they had been happy ever since. Or so he thought. Gerry had left him – for a woman! How could he do that? After all, they had been through, fighting against the church, against the government, against their neighbours, even their families. Gerry had been perfect for him with his caring and sensitive attitude. But now? Now he lived with a woman, but not just any woman. Darren’s sister.

As he watched a squirrel grabbing nuts from the bird feeder, he knew he had to let Gerry go. He felt Gerry and his sister should be able to be together forever, and he now accepted that. As the squirrel started to escape, a kite swooped in and grabbed it in its sharp talons. A humourless chuckle escaped him as he looked down at the revolver in his gloved hands. He then placed it into his sister’s hand as she lay on the floor in a pool of her own blood. He glanced over at Gerry’s corpse before walking out, ready to be shocked when he discovered the lovers.

41 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction – Lovers

  1. Brilliant surprise ending there. One thinks Darren really is a nice guy, and will let his sister and husband be together. The end changes all that. He shot them both and placed the gun in his sister’s hands. How terrible, he’s deeply hurt, but those he loved, didn’t deserve that fate. Great write Al.

  2. This is outstanding Flash Fiction Al. I thought the contrast in simplicity and tone was incredible and loved the awesome and shocking twist at the end. This is certainly what you excel at xx

  3. Awesome story..Great surprise ending. He wanted to make sure that Gerry and his sister were together forever…maybe they were. Ha! Very thoughtful of him.😋

  4. Oooo spooky delicious. An amusing (I shouldn’t really say that should I) take on the prompt. Gerry and the sister are together forever one might say.

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