Friday Fictioneers – Memories

At little (okay, a lot) late this week.  This was difficult to write, I kept changing the words, although I am still not overly happy with it, but I have taken 22 words out to bring it down to 100.

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He painted that stone at the beach when he was with his children. The thought gave him a smile. He looked at the seaweed and remembered jumping in the water, chasing the woman he loved, and she splashed water at him until they both fell over laughing. The stone his daughter gave him when she was eleven. The badge, his son received from the dentist. He smiled at the times he was out with them.

It was a cold smile as he looked at the stairs, and then at his useless legs knowing he could not get out any more.

23 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Memories

  1. This reminds me of those last days of those I have loved who could not even speak…before they …left. Reminds us I think to take what ever blessings we do have and pass them on.

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