Sunday Photo Fiction – Frankenstein’s Monster

Every week a photo is given to us to use as a prompt so we can write a story in around 200 words. As it is Hallowe’en before the next challenge, we have been given a somewhat Hallowe’eny image to play with.

If you want to have a go, then click on the image that links to Sunday Photo Fiction, and if you want to read what others have written, then click on the link that has the blue frog. All images and links open in new windows.



Gerry came home and found his wife looking at an awful looking toy of Frankenstein’s Monster holding a pumpkin. Shaking his head, he walked to the bedroom and threw his work clothes in the corner and donned more comfortable clothes.

“What’s for dinner?” he called. After a few seconds, the reply came back “You’ll have to sort your own meal, I’m busy”

 “Lazy cow” he muttered and lay on his bed to read for a while. After finishing a few pages, he walked back into the main room to see his wife still looking at the doll. “Why are you so interested in that crap?” he asked as he brushed the cat from his favourite seat. She replied, “You’ll have to sort your own meal, I’m busy”

“I know that, you idiot,” he scolded. “But why do you like that?”

He glanced over as she spoke. Or rather, as the toy spoke in her voice. His vision blurred and he dropped to his knees as his view changed and found himself looking from the perception of the pumpkin. He watched them die of starvation and they could do nothing except reply with the same single sentence whenever spoken to.

199 words

39 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction – Frankenstein’s Monster

    • Yes he should. There was so much cut out of it though. He was so verbally abusive to her. I wonder if she was the same back which is why she was also stuck in there.

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