Sunday Photo Fiction – A Cold Snap

Every week we are given a photo to use as a prompt to write a story in 200 words or less with the photo as the subject matter. My story is based around the photo but doesn’t mention it.

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The cold arrived so suddenly, it claimed nearly half the population of the village. The elder was one of the first to go, and I took his position as the eldest male. We requested aid, but none came. Apparently, we weren’t a priority. Other places needed it more than we did. What gave them the right to say someone else’s life was more valuable than my children’s?

I walked around the camp with my furs huddled around me. Although the cold didn’t bother me, my body still didn’t like it and shuddered involuntarily on occasion. I shuddered as I looked down on the boy huddled against his mother trying to keep warm. I knelt down to talk to them both, but when I touched her, she was rigid and cold. She had succumbed to the weather.

I told him there was a warm spot for him near the central fire, and I needed his mother to fetch more wood. It was better for him to hate me for saying she died out there than knowing he was laying on her body.

I sent a request for aid again, knowing it would make no difference. We were alone here in Kenya.


Global warming affects everyone, and if we don’t make a serious effort to deal with it, the equator could very well end up like this.

36 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction – A Cold Snap

  1. Sad story, Al. It actually may be a combination of us causing problems and the natural cycle. I’ve heard both scenarios. One was with the earth cooling and one was with the earth heating up. Either would cause disasters. Hollywood has made movies about both types of disasters. I don’t want to live to see either. Good writing. —- Suzanne

    • Thanks Suzanne. Although pollution is doing a good job of fiddling with the world’s climate at the moment, i also think that the earth may be on a backward wobble. The earth is like a wobbling top as it is going round, and it teeters back and forth. It may be teetering backwards away from the sun at the moment which is what is causing it. Or it may be teetering closer to the sun which results in ice caps melting.

  2. I did a debate in my US Govt class earlier in the semester about Global Warming. The argument is deceiving. It’s not whether or not the “globe is warmer” it is whether or not humans are to blame or is it simply going through a normal “cycle” that earth would be going through whether humans were here or not. I personally believe we are to blame but I think there is something to the other side of a cycle. Great story.. 🙂

    • Thanks Courtney. I can see the side about it being a conspiracy created by the Chinese .. oh wait lol. Seriously, I can see how it can be a cycle as the world is wobbling so the ice caps get closer to the sun, but yes, I believe we are to blame with too much pollution going into the air.

    • Thanks Dawn. The poor lad didn’t know his mother was dead. I think if he did, he would have been more upset which is why the Elder was going to say she died getting the wood.

  3. Such a powerful story, Al. I thought the scene with the boy huddling against his dead mother was especially poignant. And the finish of this was terrific. You really caught me off guard. Well done!

  4. An excellent take, especially what you wrote about them not being a priority. ..that’s so true for many adverse situations around the world… certain places and people are more ‘worthy’ of being saved than others!

    • I don’t think I want to see it either. If we don’t do something drastic soon,it may become a reality sooner rather than later.

  5. Wise warnings Al and surprising that such a story is taking place in Kenya. Poor boy, who knows if he’ll survive. Who knows if help will come. The elder is right in saying who are we to judge if a Life is meaningful enough to help. But maybe the whole world is badly effected in this story?

  6. A touching story that personalizes a much larger crisis. As the climate changes, people have to deal with weather they aren’t used to and aren’t prepared for — and what is normal and survivable in places with the right infrastructure and tools can be deadly elsewhere.

    • It can. I had to look for a country on the equator that I could relate to that would have an impact.Although there are many, Kenya is the one that I think of with really hot weather and rolling fields filled with giraffes, and other wild animals. TO have that suddenly turn to ice and snow, the people would be more likely to survive than the animals. I just hope we can stop the climate change before it gets to this stage.

      I did have a different paragraph in it, but it would have made the story a political statement instead of what I wanted.

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