Sunday Photo Fiction – A Dragon’s Tale

Every week a photo is donated to use as a prompt to create a piece of fiction in 200 words or less. The challenge runs from Sunday to Sunday, and y9ou can take part at any point in that week, not just on a Sunday.

If you want to have a go, then click on the Sunday Photo Fiction, image and head over to the page. If you want to read what others have written, then click on the blue frog image below it.




I watched the people walk past, completely oblivious to my observations and plans to lay waste to the area around. My time of watching is now over.

I smile and leap from my perch. I spread my wings to their full width and flap them; the beat of my leathery membranes cause a “wumf” and I feel the power as I soar upwards. I laugh as the humans scatter, screaming and running for cover.

“Diiieeeee!” I shout as I reach the pinnacle and turn downwards. I take a deep breath start grinding my rear teeth to start sparks. I release a billow of flame melting everything in my path. Fire leaps from house to house, from person to person. I laugh louder at the screams of terror, and the cries of the dying.

I soar upwards again and turn sharply to plummet. I fold my wings back to my sides, and release another billow of flame and watch the humans turn to ash in front of me. I see the devastation around me, and …”

The child taps the side of my perch stopping my daydreams. I can’t even move my wooden eyes since the spell turned me to this.

24 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction – A Dragon’s Tale

  1. That is pretty ghoulish, stuck for all eternity like that thanks to a spell. I sometimes wonder if I am not a dragons trapped in a man’s body but that is due to the impossibility of physically flying myself.

  2. Dragons and elves and faeries do need the special magic of a child’s mind to become real but adulthood ruins it all and the fantasy world dies. Not with me however. I will ever remain 8 years old as I fly with my good friend Peter Pan.

    • For many years, right up to my divorce, I would run a game of Dungeons and Dragons each week. It was great fun. It was like I was a kid all the time.

      Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.

  3. I really should have expected you were going there, given the image, but you surprised me anyway! What a powerful spell that must have been; good luck for the people he wanted to destroy that someone was there to stop him. But now that he’s helpless, I feel a little bad for the poor dragon, living only in his imagination and stuck there, immobilized. But then, that’s the cost of rampaging. Fun story, Al!

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