A Day For Thinking Back

This morning I was trying something out on my laptop, and went on to YouTube for some reason. Oh yes, that was it. I was at C.E.Ayr’s Sunday Photo Fiction post and he had David Bowie’s Space Oddity on there. I mentioned that it was one of my favourites, as was Billy Don’t Be A Hero by Black Lace.

Since then, I have spent the day playing music from the 60s, 70s and 80s. I used to play them all the time, but I stopped for a while and so I went to song after song after song. Going through House of the Rising Sun, Lily The Pink, Matchstalk Men, Where Do You go To My Lovely, In The Year 2525, Seasons In The Sun and many others before going on to the girls – The Bangles Walk Like An Egyptian, Eternal Flame, Manic Monday and then Belinda Carlisle’s Heaven Is A Place On Earth and Leave A Light On For Me. Tiffany’s I Think We Are Alone Now, T’Pau – China In Our Hands. Then Kim Wilde – Kids In America.

The music of today pales in comparison to how it used to be. There was the melody, there was no swearing (or very little), no rap and the singers played instruments as well. They weren’t formed on shows. They were good from the outset. Well, I say that a couple were one-hit-wonders, but they were still very good.

Two from Chess I watched were I Know Him So Well and One Night In Bangkok.

Music is not as good as it used to be, and sometimes I wish I could wipe the memory of those songs from decades past so I can listen to them for the first time again and be impressed with them.

There are so many good songs from those decades past and so few hours in the day. And then I see links to so many more I want to watch. SO I am going to leave one video here.

Have a great week.

24 thoughts on “A Day For Thinking Back

  1. Classic Rock is my first love.. always has been, always will be. I understand why you wouldn’t like Elvis or the Beatles. I only like a little bit of their actual songs, but they are icons of a generation. So it is more about what they represent than their actual music for me. I saw Elvis perform in concert the year before he died. It was an emotional, life altering experience for me and always will be one of those OMG! moments. Elvis and JohnPaulRingoGeorge changed the landscape of music and perception… altering tradition and ushered us into a new phase that coincided with the changes the world was experiencing. I feel privileged to have been able to experience some of that in person.
    I knew every singe song you mentioned and I love most of them. Certain songs bring about strong memories.. some good, some bad. I get in those nostalgic kicks once in a while and indulge in the music of my childhood. There are groups I do not like at all and cannot tolerate. ABBA would be one of those! Despise their music and would rather be deaf than have to listen to them, but to each his own… right? 🙂

      • It is one of mine as well. Maybe they’ll make a musical film of Chess like they did for Evita and Phantom of the Opera and I’ll finally be able to watch it.

    • I thought one of my friends was the only one that detested ABBA. Turns out there are two of you in the world lol. I used to love their music, but now I can take it or leave it. I’ll stick an ABBA post up just for you hahaha (just kidding)

      I have a couple of groups or singers that I abhor. Not sure if it is because of their music, what they represent, or a bit of both.

  2. We do need to learn from history…but I do like the ‘oldies’ – that’s pretty much all I listen too.
    I never did listen to the stuff my sons were listening to when they growing up. The main radio dial was under my control (bwahhhaa) – however when they got into the Beatles and it was none stop…well I could use a break now and then. I liked their older stuff. The new stuff wasn’t as fun. I’m not into political verse. But then even happy folk music has its own message.

    (I’m a tad behind in catching up…and I’ve got my ‘Littles’ for a few days this cold week – hope to catch up soon.)

    • The Beatles and Elvis and Pink Floyd were in my “ugh!” pile. I could never see what the fascination was with them. They were definitely not my cup of tea. I think I would rather shove red hot pokers in my eyes than listen to them lol.

      My parents hated my music, but my mother would listen to Julio Iglasias and Demis Roussos. My dad, when he did listen to music was more the Band of the Black Watch or the music of the Coldstream Guards

      • The early Beatles you could sing along with almost like folk music, but then I think it got too political.

        We had some bagpipers play for a fire-fighter event. Perhaps it is my untrained ear that after 45 minutes everything sounded the same. When one can’t understand the words – to me it is kind of pointless to be screamed at. And while I do like most music there is definitely some I can, well not listen to. 😉

        Opera may be well and good but even in English which it is not most of the time, I can’t understand the words. Instrumentals do have a place, but I went to a Marine Band type show and that too all seems to sound the same after a while.

  3. The more inventive rap seems to be less well known than the sweary ‘lets make headlines’ rap. 80’s films always had great soundtracks but music today seems to be better, the less well known an artist or act seems to be, oddly.

    • I find there is far too much swearing in the music of today. I liked a couple of rap songs back in the 80s – Gangster’s Paradise by Coolio for example – but today, rap only seems to be rap if the f-bomb is in there.

      • If people want to swear it would make more impact if they only did it highlight a specific point, other wise it just becomes dull and lazy.

  4. One of the issues is the music. They don’t play instruments to record any more. If a note was missed or added it sometimes enhanced the music. Music today is as my sax playing uncle would say can music.

  5. For me, music stopped being good around the turn of the century. The period from the late 1950s to the early 1990s is prime territory on my music list. I still can’t get enough of Journey, Heart, Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, Boston and too many others to mention. The crap I hear now is often re-hash of older songs – you know, when singers actually did sing and musicians actually did play their instruments. I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t get into rap / hip-hop, which has experienced phenomenal growth in listeners over the past decade or so.

    And, whenever I think of Cher and “If I Could Turn Back Time,” I can only think of that sleazy-ass outfit she wore in the video with her teenage son playing guitar in the background. I just laugh. It’s kind of like the dress Scarlett O’Hara threw together in “Gone with the Wind”: it seemed to come from tattered stuff lying around the house.

    • She still looked damn fine in that sleazy ass outfit. Especially as she was 43 at the time. I know she has said that she can’t sit close to a fire or she will melt due to all the plastic surgery.

      Joan Jett’s I love Rock & Roll and Bad Reputation are definitely up there with my favourites.

      My daughter listens to the rubbish by Kanye West, and I can’t even remember the names of the others. Hip-Hop to me is just a waste of breath.

      Hit Me With Your BEst Shot is always in my mind as it was the first track I aced on Guitar Hero 3 haha

  6. Far be it for me to start an argument, mon ami, but I don’t know if what you and the others say here is true.
    I remember my parents being hugely unimpressed by ‘that noise’ we called rock n roll.
    Now my musical tastes are broad, Presley to Pavarotti, I say, and I too don’t get the modern rap/techno/garage or whatever.
    But that does not mean it has no merit.
    Maybe we are just getting old, Al.
    My musical awakening:

    • I remember that post. I also remember my parents screaming at me for the other “music” I listened to like Venom and Anthrax. I’ll never forget the day that Anthrax was on TV and my mother said “Anthrax? That’s a disease isn’t it?” My dad looked in at the TV and said “so are they!”

  7. Oh yes memory lane….All these songs you mentioned, I loved too. It is wonderful to hear them and I would say yes too, that was great music we could sing to with good rhythm and melodies. Often today they are remixes of old songs in a different style like techno. I’d rather listen to the original. Thanks Al, for taking me back in time!

    • Most of the music of today is rap with a silent “c” at the beginning. The old songs drew you in, and even my daughter said she loved the fact that the melodies were different with each one. Until she got bored and went to play on the Sims lol.

  8. A beautiful post. Music during the older days were a gem unlike today, where everything is churned like junk food. Once, someone from the music industry told me that music is in a pit.

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