Darkness bound black as night
Darker even in the hole
Utilising an inner sight
To see into his tortured soul

Oubliette 7

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Desire has fled from the heart
Locking down the mind’s love door
Inside his soul is torn apart
Unable to love any more

Intolerance, mistrust and deceit
Devastating him with no regret
No longer wanting love to meet
Preferring his internal oubliette

Oubliette 8

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Hidden away, there is a longing
Behind the door, there is desire
But fear of others, always conning
Losing happiness, but gaining ire

Throughout his life, love has lost
As partners cheat, lie, defect
He would rather save the cost
And stay in his private oubliette

oubliette 2

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One reaches out, opens his heart
Fear grips him, he wants to love
He wonders if she plays a part
If near a cliff, she’ll give a shove

He wants to believe, wants to see
But in his heart, doubts beset
So he decides he will only ever be
In his own deep, dark, oubliette

Tunnel Horror

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© A Forbes 2017

23 thoughts on “Oubliette

  1. Wow!! I loved it! Annd.. I have a new word. Wasn’t familiar with oubliette but now I am. Great word! Now.. how can I casually drop it into a conversation?? he he! 😉

    • That is true .You can’t get any further down, and you can see the light. It’s just getting your first foothold or handhold to get out of it again.

    • Thanks Ute 🙂 It’s one that isn’t used very often any more. Last time I think I heard it properly was in the film Labyrinth.

  2. What an apt metaphor, the private oubliette — one that only we can put ourselves into, and only we can climb back out of. You paint a compelling portrait of heartbreak and despair and mistrust. Sadly, I think too many people wait in their “private oubliettes” for someone to come save them, but I truly believe nobody can pull you out — or even really see you — until you come out on your own. Very evocative poem, Al; well done.

    • Thanks Joy. I have always liked the word, and it is true that only you can pull yourself out, but someone else can throw you a rope.

      • That would be nice. I mostly find I sit at the bottom getting even more depressed that @#$# nobody even notices I’m down here or cares enough to throw me a rope. Guess I’ll have to do it myself. 🙂

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