Less Of Moore

Roger Moore 14th October 1927 – 23rd May 2017

10 thoughts on “Less Of Moore

  1. I heard that, he was a legend and I enjoyed watching him, also in the Saint and the one with Tony Curtis, I think it was the Professionals. I saw that in Germany when a was a child.
    Yes very sad in Manchester, no word for that just why?

  2. So sad.. a permanent icon of my childhood. Although I loved him as 007, he was not exactly my favorite Bond. But a great actor indeed. A great loss to our generation. 😓

    • He was my least favourite Bond … after Lazenby. And Dalton. So I suppose not too bad then. But his other stuff that he did, even his comedy sketch when he played James Bond before Dr No had been made. I didn’t think he would be the first Bond to go. I thought it would have been Scottish Master. Or is that “Shcottish Mashter” Such a shame for him to go. But he had lived well. 89 is not too bad an age to pop.

      It’s more of a shame about the younger people in Manchester last night

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