A Journey To Olympus

This story is a fictional tale based on what would happen if the Greek god Zeus were to sire a female child with a human. This is the story of that female, her name is Cora.

ONE – 10-04-2014

“Hera raised her Godly eyes to Zeus as the latter gazed upon the selcouth female in swaddling as the babe laid her head against her mother’s bosom. The Goddess unleashed her heavenly fury toward the master of the Pantheon in the manner of words most ineloquent. “Not content with your seed creating the half-celestial male, Hercules, you also have to spread your seed into another and spawn a half-celestial female by the name of Cora”

Sitting under the tree with the blossoms falling around her, Cora studied the parchment that her mother, Alyssa, bade her read. Looking up at her mother in stunned silence, the young woman opened her mouth to speak several times before closing it sharply with a “clop” of her jaws snapping together. “Are you telling me,” she finally managed to blurt out. “That my father is Zeus, and that Hercules is my half brother?”

Alyssa dropped down beside her daughter and sighed in resignation. “Unfortunately so, sweet one. He can be extremely persuasive. I had no idea it was Zeus. He appeared in the form of a man I loved.”

Cora smiled without humour. “Does that mean I have some sort of Godly mega ability then?”

TWO – 20-04-2014

Cora thought back over the time since she left home. Three weeks and now walking across a sun bleached desert with nothing but rocks around her. She contemplated going back, but on looking that way, it just looked the same. Closing her eyes, she tried to think of where she wanted to go, thinking that maybe her Godly ability is to teleport somewhere. Upon opening her eyes, she was not surprised to see that there were still sand dunes for as far as she could see.

Covering her head with a cowl to keep cool, Cora kept her gaze on the floor, thinking about an inn and the hog roast, or ale that she would savour. She stepped around a rock that she almost caught her foot on, and when she glanced back, she stopped … stunned. There were no footprints. Looking down, she stood on the sand, but there was no displacement. Suddenly, her feet sank slightly into the sand and taking steps created foot prints again. She tried to lift herself up again, but to no avail. A smile spread across her face as she thought of what she could do if her steps left no trace behind.

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