The Trials of Tess

Raynard made Tess a vampire. This is her story.

A Walk In The Woods © Al Forbes 2013

Raynard grinned as he watched the woman walk through the woods with the man. He braced himself on a trunk and threw himself, running as fast as he could between the trees. He extended his nails as he ran and sliced the throat of the man. He stopped, turned and leapt on the woman. He sunk his teeth into her neck and drained her just enough to paralyse her. Using his nail, he opened his arm, and forced the blood into her mouth.

Raynard knew the dizziness coming over her as she tried crawling to her camper. Tomorrow, she would help him.


Aftermath © Al Forbes 2013

She sat on the edge looking over, 200 feet up. She wanted to cry, but no tears would come. Three days ago, she and her husband were celebrating their anniversary, walking in the woods. Now, her husband graced the slab of the mortuary.

These were creatures of horror films and books. They were supposed to be loving and sparkly. Where was Edward? Where was Bill? Eric?

She jumped.

The moment of bliss ended when she hit the floor and realised she wasn’t dead. Raynard came over to her and told her to use her anger at the woman who had caused this.


Graveyard Shift © Al Forbes 2013

Tess knelt at her husband’s grave.  She wanted to cry for him. She wanted to die for him. She shooed a goat away without thinking.

Raynard grinned, knowing his manipulation was working. He strode over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. “I am truly sorry, Tess. I never meant for it to happen.” He turned her face to his knowing at this stage, she was pliable to his manipulation. “It is not permanent yet,” he lied. “She is a witch. Kill her, and we will both be free. She created me and killed my sister two weeks ago.


Bike to BeastBike © Al Forbes 2013

As Raynard led Tess through town, he pointed to a bike attached to a tree and asked her to check on the padlock. As she pulled on the lock, he held Moria’s bone in his hand, turning until it vibrated. Noticing the weakness, he worked out the rough distance.

She’s out of town,” he called to Tess. She looked back at him, crestfallen. “Don’t worry,” he grinned. “Let’s go for a ride on my bike. You are going to love this beast.”

They made their way to the lock up where the Beast resided. “Time to visit my home – Oologah”


Night Travels © Al Forbes 2013

The journey to Oologah took many days over large open space. During these nights, they rode at maximum speed to travel as far as possible before daybreak. When the dawn came, they dismounted and hid the bike, then dug holes for protection from the sun. Raynard made sure he lay atop Tess to stop her destroying herself.

Several days into the journey, took them over a mountain. Tess squealed as Raynard’s pouch moved. Stopping the bike, he checked, and Moria’s bone was nothing but ash … Tess saw blackness in Raynard’s eyes that chilled her to the core. She began to doubt his story.


A Surprise Visit © Al Forbes 2013

Tess looked at the church and contemplated entering. The thought crossed her mind that being a vampire would pose a problem for her entering, maybe – according to some films – bursting into flames. She wondered what the vicar would say to her if she told him what she was.

Taking a breath, she walked in and opened the door. Her feet hurt, but after gritting her teeth, she walked on.

“May I help you, young lady?”

“Yes sir. I apologise for what may be about to sound absurd, I need to warn a woman that a vampire is after her….”


A Deadly Choice © A Forbes 2013

Choices. Tess wrestled with her demons. Anger seeped into her, as did a growing hatred for everything with a heartbeat. What gives them the right to walk around in the daytime, living, breathing, and having fun? Why did she have to suffer? In her mind, the choice of three doors stood in front of her:

Using the red door meant she would go to aid Raynard.

Using the blue door and she would go to the church and ask for help.

Using the yellow door, and she would sit on the roof to watch her final sunrise.

 She chose … RED


Ambush © A Forbes 2013

Tess heard the commotion as she made her way to Raynard. Rounding the corner, she spotted two men attacking him with knives and stakes. She wanted to stand back and watch, but compulsion bade her aid him. Hearing Raynard’s suggestions in her mind, Tess ran forward and leapt thirty feet in the air, landing on one of the assailants with her extended nails slicing through his spinal cord.

Raynard’s left arm hung limply at his side with smoke erupting from his shoulder. It did not stop him finishing the other assailant though. Tess pulled the stake out of his shoulder, her hands burning, as Raynard let out a fearsome howl.

As I didn’t have the words to describe everything, one of the dead bodies had an accurate sketch of Raynard with the name “Pale Gulliver” and the reason the stakes burned and steamed, was because they had been soaked in Holy Water.


Gathering Information © A Forbes 2013

Keyboard pieces lay across the floor. It had not taken Raynard long to convince the man to let Tess and himself in. As a friend of some of Saskia’s friends, he needed to withdraw the information from the any way possible.

Raynard looked around the room at the blood and bodies as Tess wiped her mouth after having fed to gather the information needed. Tess used knives to hide the damage inflicted by their teeth whilst Raynard turned the power off and removed fuses so they could leave in complete darkness with no witnesses.

 Their next target now had a name. Rose.


Who’s Afraid Of The … © A Forbes 2013

Tess walked through the door, knowing that for now, she could avoid Raynard having his temper tantrum. Since finding out Saskia moved on, and the last person he tortured was nothing but a decoy, he was in a murderous rage, and felt to be unsafe herself.

The building said “No Trespassing” on the outside so she felt most people would not enter, and she could avoid killing anyone unnecessarily. The odd rat could be a blood donor for her.

She smiled at the thought that Saskia managed to elude Raynard and …

… then she heard the deep guttural snarling growl.


Out of the Shadows © A Forbes 2014

Tess backed away from the shadows, terrified of the sounds. As she strained her eyes, the street-lights glinted off a pair of eyes set close together and low to the ground.

A snout came into view showing the biggest, most vicious looking wolf that she ever laid her eyes on. Tess reached the wall and found she had nowhere else to go. Then the beast spoke to her.

“If you are not a vampire, then I am a dog in a tree. You smell like one, but your scent is not yet evil. Who, or what, are you?”

Tess realised that if vampires really existed, then so could werewolves.


A Vampire And A Werewolf Walk Into A Waiting Room … (The Trials of Tess Part One)© A Forbes 2014

Tess still felt nervous around the Werewolf, Zeke, but she no longer felt the urge to run. Now, they sat in the waiting room of the shaman’s surgery. They gave no names or history before entry.  Zeke wanted the shaman to rid Tess of her evil before it gained a hold.

The door opened, and a pungent aroma from the Shamans scented mystical candles rolled out, leaving what seemed to a trail of dead air behind it. Tess lay on the table as Zeke and the Shaman strapped her down. She knew she would rather die than turn evil …


The Trials Of Tess Part Two © A Forbes 2014 

As Tess felt the wax drip onto her naked body and heard the Shaman chanting, she closed her eyes and thought of a time she spent beside the sea with her husband, clearing the area of debris and then basking in the sunlight.

Pain racked her body as the Shaman sprayed water on her, and she screamed, writing in agony. Her neck arched and her head tilted back, her lips receding and her two canine teeth protruding seeking blood to ease the pain.

Zeke made a grab for her hand, but the Shaman glared at him. He could not interfere.


The Trial of Tess (Part Three) © A Forbes 2014

“Sheep? Why are there sheep? Grass? That’s not right. I don’t remember grass!” Suddenly intense pain brought Tess back to the present. She let out a long, painful, scream as a light wispy smoke exuded from every pore. The pain from every inch of her body felt like a thousand knives pushing through her at once. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, as she could not withstand any more agony. She slumped onto the table, falling into unconsciousness, as the Shaman staggered into the wall.

“Is it done?” Zeke asked him.

“Her dominant personality will control her now,” the Shaman replied, nodding.


The Trials Of Tess (Part Four) © A Forbes 2014

Tess awoke with a foggy mind to find herself still strapped to the table. She glanced around the room, becoming aware of her nudity. She tried to move her legs in an attempt to protect herself from the eyes of the two men in the room. Zeke took off his jacket and laid it across her. She looked at his muscular physique and smiled. Zeke felt his face flush and folded his arms across his chest.

The shaman carefully untied her legs and wrists, keeping a careful eye on her at all times. After the last binding slipped away, her dominant personality showed itself.


A Bloody House © A Forbes 2014

Myles Bence looked around the house. He knew who lived here, and the mess showed that it was doubtful he survived. The blood across the walls looked like something exploded. Claw marks in the benches gave Bence the impression that a huge animal had been the cause. A voice from another room called to him “Bence, you need to come see this”. The police Sergeant walked through the door and found the remains of two bodies. Someone had piled all the pieces together. He recognised the heads of the victims.

“It’s Zeke and the Shaman,” he said gravely.


Bence’s Bewilderment © A Forbes 2014

Bence looked through the CCTV footage over the last few days. A sadistic murderer prowled his streets. Several bodies were turning up each week, all with their throats ripped out. There had been reports of a woman near the scenes, although he could not imagine why any female would ever create this carnage. As he pondered, a lab tech came in and tossed a disgusting lollipop in an evidence bag on the table.

“There’s some human elements in this”, the tech stated. “But the saliva is dead. If I didn’t know better, I would say it was from a zombie or a vampire.”


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