Mama Knows Best

This story is written with different prompts used from Jeremy’s Daily Challenge which can be found here.



Jedra and Joseph ran home to their mama in tears. When their mama tried to calm them down, they both tried speaking at the same time through breathless sobs that had their mama holding her breath trying to give hers to her children.

“Jedra, Joseph … Stop!” She commanded and then all she could hear were the sobs and wheezing from her sons. She looked out the window at the plains, waiting for their friends to turn up. After a minute or so, she looked back to her lads with a worried expression, “… and what became of all those other boys?” she asked, fearing the answer. Their panic filled the room again as they pointed and squealed and tried to explain together.

“Joseph, just you” she said calmly, sitting down with him and rubbing his back to ease the airflow into his lungs. “I … I looked up, and there was this circle. It looked like a wheel lying down in the sky. Then … then … then this light camemememe on … annnd it … and they … and anddd they went, mama. They were g-g-gone.”

Mama rocked back onto her heels. So history repeated itself yet again.


Mama stood and paced the room with the only sounds being her children trying to control their breathing. She stopped and knelt before the boys again. “Jedra, how did the boys disappear?” she asked the younger of the two.

Jedra gulped audibly and took a breath. “We  … we played and then the light, and … and … they stretched.” Mama could see the memory terrified him, but she needed the details if she hoped to retrieve them. Having seen something similar before, she needed an idea of which ones she now faced. She raised an eyebrow at Jedra indicating for him to continue. “Their heads went up and then the rest of them followed. They springed upwards and just … they went; they disdappeared.”

Mama nodded. Now she knew her enemy. A previous encounter with these had left her near death, and she did not relish another incident, but these boys needed her help. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath and slowly exhaled, allowing her negativity to leave her.

“Boys,” she said, carefully picking what she planned to say. “I am different to most people. I see words and I see things. I am not like you”


Jedra stopped sobbing and looked at Mama. “What do you mean you see words and see things, Mama?” he asked her. Sure, she could see words, he thought. All Mamas see words when they look in their wordbooks, and did everybody not see things? “Can’t all the other Mamas see words too?”

Mama smiled at him. “I see words that are spoken, as well as words that are scribed my sweet Jedra.” She motioned for Joseph to come over and sit down. “Listen boys, I don’t tell everyone everything because it would hurt them with what I see that they say, and what I see that they do. When someone says something, I see what they mean.”

Joseph, looking completely bewildered flapped his arms, opened and closed his mouth a few times before stopping, looking her straight in the eyes and said “What?”

There are times that when truth and kindness conflict one ought to choose kindness, especially when a little honesty is better than a lot, so I don’t tell them what I know they mean when they say what they don’t mean. So we need to go where the other boys disdappeared and I can see what we can do to bring them back”


Joseph still could not comprehend what Mama was saying. Confusion written across his face, but he shrugged and took Jedra’s hand to lead him and their Mama back to where the boys were last seen. Waiting outside the door as commanded, the boys stood for ten minutes before Mama finally exited the building, closing and locking the door behind her. She had a huge red bag slung across her left shoulder, and it looked very heavy as it caused her to lean to the right in an attempt to keep an even balance. The boys took an involuntary step back, and Mama just smiled at them and waved them ahead.

Joseph led the way, but Mama could see his fear growing as the neared the site of the abductions. Upon reaching the location, Mama knew immediately her fears were correct and she slipped the bag from her shoulder which landed on the floor with a loud clatter, startling Joseph and Jedra. They watched as Mama dropped to her knees and closed her eyes. She started speaking a mantra: A mind at peace, a mind centred and not focused on harming others, is stronger than any physical force in the universe…

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