Photo Fiction … Daniel’s Story

This page is the story of a force attacking another planet. The invaders are from Earth, and are known as Earthers. The indigenous life are tripedal creatures with three eyes and four arms. They are a backward world compared to where ours is today, but they are not giving up without a fight. You can find the prompts on my other blog – Sunday Photo Fiction.


Photo Fiction: 14th April 2013 – Invasion

Daniel had come to the country trying to escape the ravages of the city. When the invaders arrived, they had taken down the main elements of their culture. They had removed all royalty from the capital in seconds. The bazaar had been next; followed by the vehicle manufacturing plant.

Without those three elements, Beckrestin was finished. Apparently, the invaders had come across space using ships. Daniel went into the house that he was using. The invaders would not suspect a destroyed building as housing him and his sister. He had heard of a way to defeat them though; a weakness they would be able to exploit.

He sat with his sister for a while, watching her sleep. He worried about how she would cope while he was gone. He considered drawing a pictogram on the wall to let her know. In the end, he woke her.

“Alexia, I know how to defeat these creatures from Earth ….”

Photo Fiction: 28th April 2013 – Destruction

A raven arrived with a pictonote* asking for anyone of fighting age to meet, as the people from Earth had to be thrown off their planet. Now, as Daniel and Alexei were heading into town, they were being careful as the enemy were flying all over looking for targets. They didn’t care who they hit. Daniel wondered why the Earthers didn’t just want to be friends. They could have learnt so much. He was curious as to how they managed though with only two arms.

As they reached the town, Daniel and Alexia dived into a bush as the sounds of flying vehicles closed and went overhead. Three screamed through and fired their destruction sticks. Another building to burst into flames; it was the building they were all supposed to meet in.

Daniel stood up on all three legs. The town was on fire. Now, there didn’t seem any way they could be defeated.

*For the sake of this story, and the planet it is on, a pictonote is like a pictogram but written on paper. Very much like the Egyptian form of writing.

Photo Fiction: 05th May 2013 – The Lighthouse

As the ship came in, the pilot saw the lights. Knowing the lighthouse would allow any pilot a safe route through the dangerous areas. Green lights meant that a pilot could go through, red meant that the lane was busy and to wait

The pilot looked at the lighthouse and could not make out the new lump sitting atop the building. Pulling levers turning dials, the pilot yelled at the co-pilot to look at the top. The navigator threw a set of trinoculars at the co-pilot. Catching them, the co-pilot focused on the lighthouse. His green skin drained in colour as he recognised the laser. He was about to call out a warning to the pilot when the laser lit up the bridge like both suns were out at the same time.

Daniel watched glumly from the shore as the Earthers took down another of the warships with ease

Photo Fiction: 19th May 2013 – The Box

Daniel convinced his sister to stay put, he would return soon. His top arms pulled a blanket around her, whilst his bottom pair held her face as he told her she would be safe here as long as she was quiet. He kissed her head and left.

Creeping outside, he looked around and then ran as fast as any tripedal being could. He stopped outside a door and looked around. Seeing no Earthers, he banged on the door and whispered, “It’s Daniel”. The door opened and he entered, nodding to the doorman.

Daniel made his way through the tunnels until he found the war-room. The wooden box was there. He looked at the shape of the sigil and carefully opened the top. It was an Earther container, and it showed how to make something called a “gun” using metal and a crystal to create a lethal beam of light.

Photo Fiction: 26th May 2013 – The Exchange

Daniel walked through the fog feeling more than a little scared. He had to meet an Earther that was helping feed them information. The last time he had seen one, it was trying to kill him. He didn’t know if the one he was meeting was male or female, there was no way to tell the difference with them.

It was there underneath a night light. It was odd seeing something standing on just two legs and only two arms. The Earther made some sounds that Daniel didn’t understand and pointed to his aural receptor under his chin. It nodded its head and clipped something around the neck. This time Daniel understood it.

I have the crystals required for your lasers.

Why are you helping us?

Some of us think peace would work better.

It handed a case over to Daniel and then smiled, bowed and turned away.

Good luck.

Photo Fiction: 16th June 2013 – The Chase

Daniel ran as fast as three legs could carry him. The Earthers were after him and they were using their light sticks. Everywhere he ran, the light was hitting the walls and making dents in the sandcrete. He closed one of his eyes to stop dust from aggravating it. He kept the other two open as he darted around the corner and down an alleyway.

He leapt the first four steps and glanced behind him. Four of the Earthers were still coming. Then another six rounded the corner. Terror caused his heart to beat wildly and he prayed to the Goddess of Luck as he bounded down the next set of steps.  As he landed, eight arms grabbed him and pulled him down.

As he hit the floor, Earthers from the other side of the alley stood up and fired up the passageway cutting down the chasing Earthers.

Photo Fiction: 23rd June 2013 – Detained

“Get them out of there Sergeant!”

Sergeant Dewitt ran over from the sea wall and grabbed the “three legged freaks” as he called them, and pulled the first one out of the back of the truck. The chains locked all four of his arms in criss-cross to stop any mobility.


The Sergeant pointed his blaster rifle at the front one and yelled “Move monster, before I remove two of your arms and a leg.” He sneered as the creatures started to fall over each other clambering out of the truck.

One of the “freaks” muttered something and sniggered. Dewitt stormed over and hit him in the face with the butt of his rifle.

He froze as he realised there was no sound. He slowly turned and saw Klinsky explode. The water bubbled and a tentacle shot out and hit him …

Photo Fiction: July 14th 2013 – Loss

Daniel sat looking out of the window at the clouds rolling by. He wiped a tear from his upper eye and sniffed. We can still beat them, he thought to himself. He looked over at the table where his sister was having one of her arms amputated by an Earther. They used different tools to cut and mend bodies. Tools that appeared nothing like their own. The Earther used a knife with a light-blade on the end of it. Apparently, it would seal the wound straight away.

Leaving the room, he climbed the stairs to the battlements of the castle. Earthers staffed the walls and nodded to him as he passed them. As he reached the top level, an Earther handed him a set of trinoculars.

Looking out, his mouth dried, and his throat contracted as he saw the enemy Earthers in their vehicles. He slumped to the floor, crying.

Photo Fiction: July 21st 2013 – A Memory

Leaning against the wall, Daniel could not help but feel defeat. The thought of his sister downstairs undergoing surgery was almost too much for him. He cast his mind back to the previous few days.

Their escape route leads down the tunnel. The Earthers have some of their own pictograms on the board. Daniel doesn’t understand what they mean. Alexia is crying behind him, struggling to keep up. They can hear the booted footsteps of the Earthers. Ahead of them, a way out, a means of escape from the bipeds.

They run around a corner, straight into a sneering Earther. He throws a knife and hits Alexia in the top arm. She screams as it hits something major. Without thinking, Daniel takes the knife and drives it repeatedly into the Earther’s face. He sees Alexia collapse, and runs to her. He picks her up runs for the exit and waiting help.

Photo Fiction: August 25th: Time

Time. When Daniel played as a child, he thought time went on forever. Nothing stopped it; nothing changed it; nothing could alter the flow of it. Now, wishing he could control it and slow it down, he waited for the signal. His heart pounded, all four hands were clammy with sweat. A human walked over and knelt beside him. “Daniel. You made this possible. You showed us what we were doing was wrong. You are the bravest Vakarian I know. Now let’s show them out there that this is your planet and that only friendlies can stay.”

He handed Daniel his sword and helped him to his feet. The sun started to crack over the northern horizon as they both looked out over the grounds at the rows of Earthers. Thousands, maybe tens of thousands, stood in blocks looking ready to assault the castle.

Daniel slid his sword partway out if his scabbard and pushed it back in again. He repeated this until the human stopped him. “Calm …” he said quietly.

In the distance, the sound of “whumpf .. whumpf .. whumpf” and seconds later blocks of Earthers exploded as the cannons hit their targets.

“Time …” Daniel thought.

Photo Fiction: September 8th: Clouds? Why Are There Clouds?

I didn’t know there were clouds.
Where was I?
I was standing.
Why am I in the clouds?
How can I be seeing things there?
That’s not possible.
Why have they only got two legs?
This isn’t right. Something is wrong. I’m not here.
Come on Daniel, think.
Why am I in the clouds?
Am I falling?
Yes … falling.
Falling from what? Where? How?
Wait … a wall … I was standing on a wall.
So why am I in the clouds?
I was …  there was … what was it?
A bang? Yes … a bang …
Something is missing.
What is it? An arm?
Whose arm is missing?
A beam of light.
Screaming. What are they screaming?
Daniel. Who is screaming my name?
Wait … the wall


He opened all three eyes and took in a huge gasping breath. The human looking down at him breathed a sigh of relief. “Come on, up you get. They are coming through the hole in the wall. We can stop some, but they will break through in a minute.” He helped Daniel to his feet and handed him his sword and a rifle.

Photo Fiction: September 15th: Gate Crashers

The gates collapsed, and the Earthers opened fire before the dust settled. A few of the Humans went down; others dropped to the floor and fired back. Several Vakarians ran in terror as fast as their three legs would carry them. Daniel dropped his rifle and threw himself against a wall as beams of light chewed chunks of the wall beside him. The human who had helped him to his feet lay on the floor, his eyes open but unseeing. A plaque that the humans had placed on the wall fell as if to give a final goodbye.

He picked up four of the small light guns, one in each hand and turned the corner, firing all of them at one time with all beams finding their targets in two Earthers, taking them both down.

Daniel heard a human yelling at him to shoot at the wall where the plaque had fallen. Firing all four shots in unison, a package exploded raining the wall down on the Earthers, crushing the ones below. Hiding back around the corner, Daniel looked at the plaque again. As the cannons spoke again, an idea formed that would either win them the war, or lose it completely.

Photo Fiction: 500 Years Later

The Guide called visitors closer, and waved across the remains of the castle.

“After hugging his sister and telling her he would love her for all eternity, Daniel ran through the sewers below the castle. Knowing there was little time, and the pounding cannons causing the ceilings to shake, he ran as fast as he could, placing the explosive packages against the wall.

“Up above, Alexia helped Human nurses, telling them the anatomy of Vakarians and helping to relieve the pain of Humans and Vakarians alike. The front of the castle started to collapse as the Earthers constantly barraging the wall.

“Daniel set the last of the charges and sat down, saying a prayer to his gods. He spoke to the Human commander over his radio, telling him he knew it was a one-way trip. He told him to look after his sister, and detonated the charges.

“From on the castle walls, the commander watched the entire field collapse with hundreds of thousands of Earthers falling to their deaths.

“In his moment of selfless sacrifice, Daniel destroyed ¾ of the Earther army. The enemy commander surrendered and was tried for war crimes, then exiled off planet.”

The guide motioned to the large four-armed statue in the middle of the remains. Where rains had turned the whole area into a marshland, the statue of Daniel stood tall, even centuries made very little impact on the figure.

Inscribed on the base: “Daniel. The Saviour of Vakaria”


The stories continue in “Daniel’s Legacy” Starting with Daniel’s Legacy … Dan’s Story

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