Sergeant Adams Investigates

These stories started randomly and have seemed to take on a life of their own. There is a common denominator in them all which will become evident as the stories unfold.

Sunday Photo Fiction: An Odd Photo


88 11 November 23rd 2014

Hubert sat on his haunches rocking back and forth scratching at his scalp. Tears poured down his cheeks and bubbles of spittle formed on his lips as he sobbed. He heard a sound and looked up through blurred eyes, past the body of his lover, Lillette on the floor, and towards the wall. He wiped his mouth and face with the back of his arm, smearing saliva and tears up the sleeve. He stood up and stepped over the corpse, not even noticing that he stepped in the expanding pool of blood that spread from Lillette’s torso.

He heard a sound from the wall again, and tried to work out what the sound could be, and all he saw was a photo of the sun coming through trees at a high angle.

**** ****

Sergeant Adams carefully stepped around the body on the floor and examined the bloody footprints that led to the wall and disappeared. Adams stood there admiring the image on the wall and called to one of his colleagues. “Hey Josh, have you ever seen a picture like this? A bit sick if you ask me. Who has a photo of someone hanging from a tree?”

Monday’s Finish The Story: The Dancer



“Dance as if no one is watching”

Dance as if no one is watching? What on earth is that supposed to mean?” Sergeant Adams asked his colleague, Josh. He looked at the statue, examining the details in the statuette. Josh pointed to a handwritten note on the table. Adams picked it up with a latex-gloved hand and turned it over.

**** ****


Jessica shouted to the woman on the other end of the phone “I don’t give a rat’s ass what you are offering me. You made an error, and you will fix it. For free! I don’t care if it was something I forgot to put on, I have it every week, so you should have known. You will give me a full refund on my whole order and give me the rest. Free.”

The woman on the other seemed to take on a different voice “Madam, please. Write down … Dance as if no-one is watching”

As Jessica complied, she felt her legs stiffen…

Tuesday Conundrum: Jealousy



David glared at his wife. Even though she told him nothing happened between her and his best friend. His hand tightened on the base of the lava lamp as his face grew redder with rage.

Jessica had never seen him like this, never seen so much jealousy spilling out of him. She had not even flirted with his friend, but somehow he had it in his mind that because they spoke on the way home, they were now seeing each other.

Amidst the rage, the phone rang beside him, and he grabbed it, about to snarl down the mouthpiece. Or that is what Jessica assumed he was about to do. He actually stumbled backwards two steps with a look of terror on his face

*** *** ***


Josh looked at Sergeant Adams quizzically. “I don’t understand it Sarge,” he said. “We have a lifelike statue of the husband, and a wife who seems in shock and unable to say anything. If I may,” he carried on, choosing his words carefully. “I think there is something not quite right going on.”

Sunday Photo Fiction: Message In A Bottle


95 01 January 11th 2015

David looked at the ship in the bottle. It arrived through the post three hours previously although he could not remember ordering it. He smiled when he saw the name belonged to someone else. The postman delivered it to him by mistake. David laughed aloud and decided he would keep it. After all, it wasn’t him who made the error. The phone rang and he picked it up just as his hand touched the glass of the bottle.


Josh looked over the glass bottle with the ship inside it and touched it with a gloved finger. “Sergeant?” he called to his partner, Sergeant Adams. “Come take a look at this” he said as the latter glanced up from the piece of paper he held. “Look at the detail,” Josh said. “There is even a man in there. Looks uncannily like the missing person. I wonder who he commissioned to make this.”

Adams handed the paper to Josh, who read it aloud ‘Sometimes a bottle is the only way to get a message across’. Looking confused, Josh turned the paper over and then back again. He went to the phone and dialled to trace the last call.

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