Photo of the Month 02: February 2013

February 10 2013

Photo of the Month – February 2013

This is the photo that was voted Photo of the Month for February 2013. Also the second photo entered into the Photo of the Year 2013

73 thoughts on “Photo of the Month 02: February 2013

  1. Great photographs, this is my second “hobby”. Still need to spend more time with the writing thing and probably even more with the saving money thing for a begginers camera. I do follow quite a lot of photographers, love to take photoΒ΄s with my 15 year old camera, but have no clue as to lightning and the rest. Little by Little I guess.

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    • Thank you Giovanna πŸ™‚ Yeah I don’t think I could choose. There are several that I consider my favourites. More in February than in any other month

  6. February 14 is my favorite because of the DoF.
    February 19 would have won if that light pole wasn’t placed in the middle, but more on the side.
    I also think that February the 10th has some good qualities to it. It’s nice the way that you fill the frame.

    • Thank you. Unfortunately having it to the side either way would have had the corner of a house.

      Thanks for your vote and your feedback πŸ™‚

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