Shutter Speed

The speed of your shutter can grant so many different effects to your photo. A fast shutter speed (the shutter opens and closes in one click) can capture a moment in life. A slow shutter speed (the shutter opens, stays open, then closes) can capture life in motion.

I’m going to show a cheat sheet, and then some photos I have taken with different shutter speeds.

Cheat Sheet

This photo was taken with a shutter speed set at 1/1000 – One one-thousandth of a second. It captures the landing and the wings outstretched with the edges up.


Shutter open for 1/1000 of a second

This photo was taken with a shutter speed of 25. It was open for 25 seconds allowing more light in, and capturing motion and movement.

Photo of the Month January Third Place

Shutter open for 25 seconds

This was open for 8 seconds as I swirled a green laser light slightly

Shutter speed 8 seconds

Shutter speed 8 seconds

When taking photos of the moon, not only do you have to set the shutter speed, you also have to adjust the the ISO and f-stop for a clearer image, but I will go into ISO and F-stop at a later date. This moon photo was taken at 1/1600 – one sixteen-hundredths of a second.

Photo of the Week 2015  Week 5

Shutter Speed – 1/1600

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