Forbidden Lovers

Unique in their difference
Disparate in their likeness
Legions moved, carried by wing
Opposed to the wingless, walking below


The walking, armed with spear and stone
The flying, with rocks of fire
Ready to send the other home
To rest atop a funeral pyre

The war they fought, never ending
How it started, neither knew
Both sides tarried, never bending
Never remembering why they slew


As is the normal in a war
Something remarkable oft takes place
As killing the other becomes a chore
Slaughtering, never seeing the face


Until one time, a life depended
A woman’s life begins to fade
The man who finds her, hate rescinded
He finds her ‘midst a bloodied glade


Back to health, he heals her wounds
She looks into his soulful eyes
Her heart starts singing loving tunes
She steals a kiss, then off she flies


Now he tries to end the war
Saying they fight for no good reason
They say they’ve heard it all before
And sentence him to death for Treason

She tells her lords to think things over
Asks if they remember why they die
Her questions make them sit up, sober
They see the love inside her eye


A truce is called before the others
They soon find out silence is golden
And now they see forbidden lovers
And to them, their lives beholden

A senseless war cost millions of lives
Fought with sticks and bombs and spears and guns
The deaths of many husbands, wives
Brothers, sisters, daughters sons.


And so a peace reigns through the land
With grateful children, fathers, mothers.
As two walk out, hand in hand
The war was stopped by forbidden lovers.

© A Forbes 2017

Cydonia: Rise of the Fallen – Book Preview

Yes, that said PREVIEW and not REVIEW. This book is being released by Seyi Sandra David on Monday 16th December. I have received a pre-release version of the book to read before the release date and review. Due to time constraints, I have been unable to read it all so I am going to do a preview on the book as to how far i have read so far.


A mere thirty days… …is what ex priest, Aaron Cohen has to stop a devastating attack on earth from elusive and ruthless forces but events soon took an alarming turn for the worse. The Vatican came under attack when a demonic bloodhound under the command of Tyrus, Lucifer‘s son, went on rampage. They left destruction on their trail. As events unfold with alarming speed, Aaron Cohen’s life spiralled out of control, chased by forces beyond human comprehension; he embarked on an adventure to protect the Ark of the Covenant and the stones of fire from brutal forces intent on annihilating the human race. Set against an extraordinary and enigmatic church of St Mary, Axum in Ethiopia, Aaron fought with demons, escaped assassins’ bullets and every attempt to halt impending doom seemed slimmer than ever.

This book takes place several years after the events of Feet of Darkness and has some of the same characters in it. You don’t need to have read the first book to understand this as events are explained through the book.

The demon Tyrus is relentless in his attack searching for Aaron. When he is stalled, he comes back with vengeance in tow and will stop at nothing to find his target.

In other parts that are linked elsewhere in the world, assassins come from where they are not expected to come from, as does help. There are shocks galore, and I have been left open-mouthed on several occasions. I am stunned at some of the events, and I can honestly say that for what I have read so far, this is by far the best of Seyi’s books so far. It is a gripping, edge of the seat, thriller.

The book is a must have if you enjoy thrillers, especially demonic tales. Ask for it to be on your Christmas list. You know you want to.

Cydonia: Rise of the Fallen – Canada

You can purchase the book:

Here in the UK

Here in the US

Here in Canada

You can visit the author’s blog here

A Photo A Day … October 13 2013

When I visited my friends in Leicester during August this year, I mentioned that I liked a figurine. My friend said “I don’t, you can have it”. It has three angels or fairies, each holding a skull and facing outwards. In the centre is a dip for a tea-light candle. Today, I decided to place a tea-light in there and take a photo of it, with a 15 second shutter and an ISO of 400 with a 55mm lens.

October 13 2013