Nine Years Later …

I had a notification pop today …


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Although this particular blog started nine years ago today, I have been with WordPress a lot longer. I had a different blog for three or four years. But this is the longest I have kept one updated. I have other blogs on both WordPress and Blogger, but this is the one I update the most.
Thanks everyone who likes, comments or just silently visits.

Fifty Years – Half a Century

My mother was born October 24th 1943, and my father was born November 6th 1939. Both from opposite ends of the kingdom. My mother was born in Warwickshire, England, and my father was born in Glasgow, Scotland.

They met in 1962, after my uncle introduced them to each. My mother apparently said “I’m going to marry him” after my father walked away. And they did.

They married in Rugby, in Warwickshire on December 5th 1964. Today they celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary. There has been a lot that should have seen both of them dead, but they fought through. We are a family of fighters. We don’t give up.

Hepatitis B
Brain Tumour
Ulcerative Colitis

Through all of that they stayed together. In sickness and in health.

Congratulations mum and dad. Happy Golden Wedding Anniversary

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Music: December 05 2012

This track was originally released in 1963 by Roy Orbison, and it is the song that my dad proposed to my mum with due to the line “Mary marry me”. Although released in 1963 by Orbison, it was not until 1966 that the next artist hit number 1 with the track, two years after he died in a plane crash. This track went into the charts in the summer of 1966 and hit the number one slot in September of the same year. It became the UK song of the year becoming the first overseas performer to receive this.

This is for my parents on their 48th Anniversary
Happy Anniversary Mary and Alex Forbes

Jim Reeves – Distant Drums (Roy Orbison version further down)