The New Doctor Is A Woman

So, as you have probably found out recently, the latest incarnation of Doctor Who will be played by Jodie Whittaker. At first, I was disgruntled about this, but there again, I was disgruntled about David Tennant, then about Matt Smith and then again – very briefly – about Peter Capaldi.

Tom Baker was always my Doctor as he is the one I grew up with, and then in 2005 when Doctor Who returned, Christopher Ecclestone did a good job of returning it to the screens. He didn’t want to be typecast as the Doctor so finished after just one season.

When Capaldi came along, I liked the fact that it was an older Doctor again, and would hopefully get rid of the “Oooh I love the Doctor” element from the companions. It was fine with Rose Tyler because she changed the whole outlook of the Doctor. Changed him to be more empathetic than he was before due to him having been in the Time War.

Capaldi’s very little emotion take on the Doctor worked well, and the only down side to it was Clara. During the Matt Smith outing, she complimented him well as someone he bounced ideas off. Then when the regeneration happened, and he became Capaldi, the writers decided that it would be a good idea to make Clara the main person and gave her the puzzle solving element of the duo. To me, no longer was it Doctor Who featuring a companion, it was Clara Oswald featuring the Doctor. When they killed her off, it was an emotional moment. It was very well done. Then they brought her back! So now she exists between heartbeats. I really hope that she doesn’t turn up again.

I have recently started watching the latest series of Doctor Who, as I have been told that it is different without her in it, and after two episodes, I find that to be true.

With Jodie Whittaker taking over the mantle, it is not a surprise as they have been paving the way for it recently with the Master regenerating into Missy, a Time Lord in the last series being killed and regenerating a woman, so it was coming soon. It was going to be this regeneration, or the next one.

I just hope that other fans of the show do what I do and give her the benefit of the doubt.

Peter Capaldi

Departing 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi


Jodie Whittaker

Incoming 13th Doctor Jodie Whittaker


Friday Fictioneers: Aftermath

Friday Fictioneers is a group of people who get together and write stories from a prompt. Rochelle provides the prompt from a photo she has gleaned from somewhere (with permission) and then the story is around the 100 word mark. If you would like to take part, head over to her blog and take a look at the rules in full.

My story is part of an ongoing saga. I was going to give it a miss this week, but with the way things have built up speed lately, I can’t take a break with it. It needs to keep momentum. Don’t worry though, there are no deaths in this episode. The story is a two-way episodic serial written by myself and Jules Paige. Vampire vs Prey. My side is that of the Vampire – Raynard, and Jules writes from the side of the prey – a woman named Saskia. It would appear she is the descendant of Raynard’s sire – the woman who turned him into a vampire – Moria.

You can read the full story HERE on my blog, or HERE on Jules’ blog. Her  part of this week’s story can be found HERE

Last week, Raynard created a new Vampire.


She sat on the edge looking over, 200 feet up. She wanted to cry, but no tears would come. Three days ago, she and her husband were celebrating their anniversary, walking in the woods. Now, her husband graced the slab of the mortuary.

These were creatures of horror films and books. They were supposed to be loving and sparkly. Where was Edward? Where was Bill? Eric?

She jumped.

The moment of bliss ended when she hit the floor and realised she wasn’t dead. Raynard came over to her and told her to use her anger at the woman who had caused this.


For those that don’t know, Edward is a vampire in the Twilight series of films and books. They sparkle in sunlight. Bill and Eric are vampires in the series True Blood.