Why Always The Hate?

I was watching some YouTube videos the other day, and it is shocking the amount of hate that comes in the way of comments. Rather than accept that people have an opinion and that’s what makes humanity diverse and a good race able to adapt and get along.

One was a trailer for a game. Some people didn’t like the game, others did. Rather than “I don’t like this game, so I’m going to leave it“, the response is “This game is the worst thing ever and anyone who likes it is just a stupid little child“, and the response from people who like the game is “how dare you say anything bad about this game! You should go off and drop dead“.

There are comments of “The introduction movie isn’t how the game is, people should sue the company for false advertising“.

All games have a cinematic trailer for the game that is not actual in-game footage. Some people will say that a space simulator is wrong because of the sound of guns in space, but will play Call of Duty or something like that and get headshots without having to take in the Coriolis effect. (This is the curve of the earth and takes into account the drop of the bullet on its way to the target due to the angle and the wind factor and magnetism of the planet).

Some people will complain that a Call of Duty game is not realistic as you can get shot in the arm and just hide to feel better, while playing a driving game, ram something at over 200mph and just back up and drive off.

Everyone likes different things. The same with films. Just because someone doesn’t like the Transformers films doesn’t mean no one else is allowed to like them.

I don’t like the Transformers films – I’ll buy them for my son though. I’m not good at fighting games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. It doesn’t make them the worst games ever.

Just because I can’t do headshots on Call of Duty, Battlefield, Overwatch or games like that, it doesn’t mean the controls are all wrong and the company should do something about it, It just means I’m not that good at them.

People need to see that their opinion is not the only one that matters in this world. There are other people who feel and think differently.

Whatever happened to “Whatever floats your boat” or “Hate that game, let me know when you’ve finished“.

There is too much hate and confrontation in the world now. Everyone needs a chill pill and a time out in the naughty corner. It’s time for acceptance, not dissension. It’s time for smiles, not snarls. It’s time for community, not hate.

We have enough of that with the leaders of countries without the rest of the people sinking to their levels.

Free speech, not hate speech.

A Photo A Day … March 20 2013

When I used to Role-Play every Sunday, I had to use a variety of dice. Each one was categorised with the letter “D” in front of the number. So if a six sided die was to be used, I would have to use a D6. A four sided was a D4 etc. I still have my collection of D4, D6, D8, D10, D12 and D20. All of various shapes and colours. My daughter decided to empty the pot today to look at them seeing as they haven’t been out in almost five years. So I thought I would take a shot of them.

March 20 2013


Daily Prompt: All About Me

Today’s Daily Prompt asks:

Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

When I first started my blog – many years ago – I called it “Alley Katt’s Blog”. This was because I used the pseudonym Alley Katt because of my name and shortening it, but rather than having Alley Cat, I chose the alternative version. When I was playing a game online, using the same pseudonym, someone asked me if I was male or female which disgruntled me.

After that, I changed it to Mondrak. This was a name I used in a role-playing gameWarhammer Fantasy Role-Play“. I used this name for years, and then three years ago this month, I had to change blog places again, so this time I chase a mixture of the two plus a play on words. You have the Katt from Alley Katt, you have the Mon from Mondrak, and put together in the form of Catamaran – Kattermonran.

I was also hiding who I was so there were no photos of me anywhere. In September last year though, I changed that. I put an old photo of me on, and I dropped the pseudonym to show who I really am and used my real name.

That’s how I chose my blog name and what it means to me.


Music: January 14 2013

I was chatting with a friend earlier and she had a couple of songs playing, and this band was one of them. It gave me an idea for today’s track as the song made me think of samurai’s and computer games, and this track was used as a background to Dragon Age: Origins trailer. The trailer was the world début for the song in 2009. The actual video for this track was shot with the band seemingly as soldiers deployed in Afghanistan. The video Video of the Year Award  on MSN Latinoamérica. The track has been used in Dragon Age: Origins (as I mentioned), it is downloadable for Rock Band, it is used in the F1 review of the 2010 Italian Grand Prix, it was used in a trailer for the TV show Camelot and it was in the film The Avengers (or Avengers Assemble in the UK). I have included four videos on this one. The official video, the lyrics, the Dragon Age: Origins video and the official Dragon Age: Origins cinematic trailer.

30 Seconds To MarsThis Is War