Friday Fictioneers -Everything Has A Price

Every week Rochelle gives us an image donated by one of the participants and we use that image as a prompt to write a piece of fiction in around 100 words.

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“£37,000 for the car”

Not a chance. Beryl is not for sale at any price. She was a gift when I was a child, and I am 73 now. There is no way I am going to part with her.”

“Everything has a price, even you and that car.”

Haha! Is that what you tell yourself every night before you go to bed? That you can buy absolutely anything?”

“Okay, let’s try £37 million”

Nope. And brandishing that gun won’t work either


“Heh. My car now.”

Welcome Mr Stewart. Please use voice recognition to start the engine.


First Chapter – First Paragraph (January 24th 2017)

first-chapterEvery week, Bibliophile By The Sea hosts a Bookish Event which is to post the First Paragraph from the First Chapter of the book you are currently reading.

Feel free to join in and pop around to see a few of the others (making sure to drop in on Cleopatra Loves Books of course). The book I am currently reading was suggested by a friend of mine and I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying it as it is also a trip down memory lane for me.


It’s the year 2044, and the real world has become an ugly place. We’re out of oil. We’ve wrecked the climate. Famine, poverty, and disease are widespread.

Like most of humanity, Wade Watts escapes this depressing reality by spending his waking hours jacked into the OASIS, a sprawling virtual utopia where you can be anything you want to be, where you can live and play and fall in love on any of ten thousand planets. And like most of humanity, Wade is obsessed by the ultimate lottery ticket that lies concealed within this alternate reality: OASIS founder James Halliday, who dies with no heir, has promised that control of the OASIS – and his massive fortune – will go to the person who can solve the riddles he has left scattered throughout his creation.

For years, millions have struggled fruitlessly to attain this prize, knowing only that the riddles are based in the culture of the late twentieth century. And then Wade stumbles onto the key to the first puzzle.

Suddenly, he finds himself pitted against thousands of competitors in a desperate race to claim the ultimate prize, a chase that soon takes on terrifying real-world dimensions – and that will leave both Wade and his world profoundly changed.

Everyone my age remembers where they were and what they were doing when they first heard about the contest. I was sitting in my hideout watching cartoons when the news bulletin broke in on my video feed, announcing that James Halliday had died during the night.

I’d heard of Halliday, of course. Everyone had. He was the video game designer responsible for creating OASIS, a massively multiplayer online game that had gradually evolved into the globally networked virtual reality most of humanity now used on a daily basis. The unprecedented success of the OASIS had made Halliday one of the wealthiest people in the world.


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A Dog’s Purpose?

There is a film coming up this year called A Dog’s Purpose. When films with animals are made, they are done with people there to make sure the animals are not harmed or distressed in any way.

Do they mean physical harm or mental harm? Some film-makers will force their animals to do something they don’t want to. Some animals are put into a distressed position and forced to do something they are scared of.

Would we do that with a child? Would we force a five or six-year-old to do something they were terrified of?

Why do some film-makers think it is okay to do it to the animals. Then say no animal was harmed because no limbs broke. That animal may well be terrified of the position it was put in, and not go anywhere near that again, or even wet itself because of the terror it faced.

No animal should be harmed mentally or physically when put in a film. Use CGI if necessary. There are companies who can do that.