What Songs Have Meaning For You?

There are songs that stay with us over the years, over the decades and across the turn of the century for those us old enough to remember the nineties. Some stay with us because we like them, some because we hate them, and some because they hold a special meaning for us.

Some of these make us remember the good times, and some bring hurt and pain every time we listen to them. As I was listening “What Have You Done” by Within Temptation (featuring Keith Caputo), I started thinking about songs that make me remember smiles and pains. So I thought I would compile a list of songs that held a significant meaning in one way or another for me.

Football’s Coming Home – Five Lions
This was in the charts twice. Once in May 1996, and once in June 1998. Both at the time my children were born.

Not Afraid – Eminem
When I moved in with someone who turned out to be completely the opposite of who I fell for, I needed something to keep me going while I tried to find a way to get my kids and myself out of that situation.

Angels – Within Temptation
In the same situation as above, with the woman I moved in with, this song explains exactly how I felt, and how I felt she saw me.

Because of You – Kelly Clarkson
When I split from the mother of my children, I felt I would never find love again. I was too afraid to give myself to someone fully for fear of being shredded again. I did get over this fear long enough to fall for someone. Only to get shredded.

I Get Knocked Down – Chubbawumba
“I get knocked down, I get up again, Ain’t nothin’ gonna keep me down” Explains the meaning behind this one and why it holds a place for me.

Nothing Else Matters – Metallica
This was my wedding song. The first dance I had after getting married in 1995.

All I Need – Within Temptation
I went to see these in concert with my then wife, and we had what I felt was the best time until I found out she didn’t enjoy it that much at all.

Stand My Ground – Within Temptation
No matter what happens, there will always be someone to take up the mantle of something. Whether it be hope, love, life, or whatever. I will stand my ground.

Coward of the County – Kenny Rogers
I chose this one by Kenny Rogers although I could have chosen any by him. When I was a lad, I used to hide in my room and listen to the tapes and records (vinyl disks you put on a turntable and needle would go in the grooves and play the music out of speakers) of Kenny Rogers in the hopes of hiding from everything and everyone.

Everybody Hurts – R.E.M.
This reminded me that there are people worse off than me.

Streets Of London – Ralph McTell
The people who are forgotten. This always makes me think of the people sleeping in shop doorways. Those who have lost everything. I can only hope they get at least some of it back.

Cats In The Cradle – Ugly Kid Joe version
After hearing this song, I vowed I would never have my kids ending up like this and seeing me as someone never there for them.

These are a few that hold a special meaning to me for one reason or another. There are others which hold more private reasons for good or ill, from the highest point to the lowest of the low points where I felt there was no hope. (And there is always, always hope even if you don’t see it at the time).

So what songs hold a meaning for you?

Music: February 12 2013

This track is one of my favourites by this band and my son can play the drums part almost perfectly using just his hands, and sometimes goes faster than the drummer. But there again with his Asperger’s Syndrome, he can control the speed his hands move in a way that I have never seen before. This Heavy Metal band had their first top 40 entry in the Billboard Hot 100 with this track. It is the one track that is played at every gig since it’s release in 1989 making it the most played track that the band have released. For the first seventeen seconds, all that can be heard are sound effects, then it is instrumental for the next minute and a half. The song is based on the 1939 novel by Dalton Trumbo called Johnny Got His Gun. The track is about a man who is hit by an artillery shell and loses his hearing, sight and limbs.



Music: December 27 2012

This track is a fairly heavy one. 

This track comes from this band’s fifth album which had an eponymous name, but everybody gave it a different name which stuck. The track is the first one on the album and was released in 1991. Due to this single being released, the album became one of the few heavy metal bands to hit number one in the Billboard 200. The single hit number 16 in the billboard 100, and number 5 in the UK singles charts. It was nominated as Best Rock Song in the 34th Grammy Awards in 1992, but lost out to Sting. The song takes a bedtime prayer and turns it into a terrifying nightmare ordeal.

Metallica – Enter Sandman