Sunday Photo Fiction – Martini

This is for Sunday Photo Fiction. I heard it the other day and felt it fit quite well. If you want to have a go at Sunday Photo Fiction, then click the image, and if you want to read what other have written then click on the blue frog image.



Charles Dickens walks into a bar and asks for a Martini.

Barman says “Olive or twist?”

Sunday Photo Fiction – A Dragon’s Tale

Every week a photo is donated to use as a prompt to create a piece of fiction in 200 words or less. The challenge runs from Sunday to Sunday, and y9ou can take part at any point in that week, not just on a Sunday.

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I watched the people walk past, completely oblivious to my observations and plans to lay waste to the area around. My time of watching is now over.

I smile and leap from my perch. I spread my wings to their full width and flap them; the beat of my leathery membranes cause a “wumf” and I feel the power as I soar upwards. I laugh as the humans scatter, screaming and running for cover.

“Diiieeeee!” I shout as I reach the pinnacle and turn downwards. I take a deep breath start grinding my rear teeth to start sparks. I release a billow of flame melting everything in my path. Fire leaps from house to house, from person to person. I laugh louder at the screams of terror, and the cries of the dying.

I soar upwards again and turn sharply to plummet. I fold my wings back to my sides, and release another billow of flame and watch the humans turn to ash in front of me. I see the devastation around me, and …”

The child taps the side of my perch stopping my daydreams. I can’t even move my wooden eyes since the spell turned me to this.

Sunday Photo Fiction – Children Of The Earth

Every week a photo is donated to use as a prompt to create a piece of fiction in around 200 words which is called Flash Fiction.

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 “The world was a lot different then,” Paula stated to her students. “We thought we could control the course of the planet. We thought by reducing our energy we could save it. Some felt otherwise and stood against climate control. They claimed it didn’t really exist”

 “We tried to turn solar power into life-saving formats. They worked for a while, but the planetary resources no longer existed and the planet became unstable. Quakes became so regular; you could set the time by them.” Looking down at her notes, Paula thought back to the days before the quakes. The days when sitting in the sun did not kill.

“Some people said following the path of Noah, and building an ark, heading for pastures new.”

“Of course this started arguments across the world as to who would or should go in the ark and who would lead when the world ended.”

Looking out the bubble to Earth 7, HD13931 system, Andromeda galaxy, she wondered how long until it all happened again. Who would become the next Children of the Earth, as she had become one when humanity destroyed the sixth planet to share the name, like the five now destroyed predecessors?

SPF: Perry and the Boat

For the last three years (apart from a break of a few weeks) one of my photos has been used as a prompt for Sunday Photo Fiction, but with changes to my circumstances, I am now taking donations for the challenge.

This week’s photo is the first of the donated ones.

If you want to have a go yourself, then click on the Sunday Photo Fiction image. If you want to read what others have written, then click on the blue frog image, and if you want to donate a photo for the challenge, click on the photo submission image.



Perry And The Boat

Perry looked out at the boat anchored in the centre of the lake He eyed it as he had for the last seven days. The little boat behind it intrigued him. It was always in a different place even though there seemed to be nobody on the bigger boat.

He hired a small boat and prepared to row out to it and look for himself. The boat custodian tried to advise him against it, telling him he regularly told people not to go, but nobody listened to him.

Perry chuckled and started rowing out when he noticed the smaller boat seemed to be missing. Thinking it sat on the other side of the boat, he moored the little one on the near side. He climbed aboard, glanced over the other side, and frowned when he saw no other vessel.

He walked to the wheelhouse and found the key in the ignition. He turned it and a bright flash blinded him for a few seconds. Shielding his eyes, Perry walked out onto the deck and looked for his boat, now moored to the rear. Looking to the shore, he saw a different landscape. A very much older landscape.