Elite: Dangerous – Reclamation

Having been a fan of Elite since I played it on the ZX Spectrum over 30 years ago, this book had a lot of work to do to impress me. In the words of a famous smuggler from a different galaxy “I have been from one side of the galaxy to the other” and I have visited many planets and systems.

This book by Drew Wagar started off with a bang and it didn’t let up. The characters are believable, and the locations are described well. At one point someone is referring to things as they used to be, and it was a definite throwback to the original game. The intrigue and twists are very well done and you find yourself holding your breath at points.

It is a fast paced book that hits the ground running. You don’t need to know the game to read the book, it does well as a standalone.

If you like science fiction, this is a definite addition to your library.


Elite Reclamation – Amazon US

Elite Reclamation – Amazon UK

August Daily Photo Challenge – August 2nd – Favourite Item Of Clothing

I don’t actually have a favourite item of clothing. To me, clothes are there to be worn, and I tend not to wear something with a pattern or image on it. I have my reasons, just in case anyone thinks “why?” Well, for the same reason as I wear a hat – because …

This t-shirt though, my son bought for me on my last birthday. I wore it once as it wouldn’t be fair not to wear it. It is safely tucked away, The logo is that from a video game called Watchdogs where the protagonist can use his phone to hack other phones and even security camera and power relays. All the things of a dark cyberpunk future.

August 02 2015 Favourite Item of Clothing

August 02 2015
Favourite Item of Clothing

Music: November 11 2012

This track was originally released in 1983, but it flopped for the original artist. When this singer released it in 1984, it hit the top of the charts worldwide and has become known ever since as one of the iconic tracks of the 80’s. The singer had two main hits, with this one being the lesser of the two. It was a difficult choice to choose which one to use. The singer disappeared for a while, as her husband became ill, then in 2004 she decided to make a comeback after mourning his loss. Unfortunately, she suffered a fatal cerebral aneurysm before she could release her album. This particular track has been used in the Grand Theft Auto games.

Laura BraniganSelf Control